माननीय कार्यवाहक प्रमुख आयुक्त नवीनकुमार घिमिरे

माननीय कार्यवाहक प्रमुख आयुक्त नवीनकुमार घिमिरे

अख्तियार दुरूपयोग अनुसन्धान आयोग


Personal Information

Date of Birth:                                14 September 1955

Marital Status:                               Married

Nationality:                      Nepalese

Academic Qualifications:             M.PA.(1999), Tribhuvan University, Nepal

Professional Area:                       Public Administration, Development Administration and Security Management

Home Address:                            Kathmandu-7, Siphal, Nepal

Email:                                            ghimire_newnepal@hotmail.com


Professional Goal

  • To create an enabling environment by putting in place various administrative support services that are integrated and prevent corruption; and manage administration in the interest of Constitutional Rights, National Integrity and Development Goals.
  • To contribute in strengthening government institutions that provide modern, efficient, cost-effective services that are responsive to the needs of Nepalese citizens, residents and visitors to our country for free, fair and secure environment.
  • To provide secure, efficient and accessible civic and related services and products to citizens and legitimate residents within specified timeframes.
  • To deliver the institutional mandate effectively by implementing improved organizational models that are characterised by professionalism, effective governance and operational control.


Personally committed to: Ethical conduct, Adaptability, Transparency, Professionalism, Accountability, Productivity and Innovation.

Key Strengths

  • More than 35 years of professional experience in public administration, development administration, security management, Governance, Conservation Administration and Gender in Nepal.
  • Ability to develop and lead strategic knowledge management and communications strategies with skills in conceptualizing and writing creative knowledge products and excellent oral communication.
  • Experiences, insights, and skills to manage knowledge, experiences, information and networks to design,
  • Skills in planning, designing, managing, monitoring and evaluating different sustainable management options and approaches in resources management. 

Major Skills And Capabilities

Public Administration

  • Appointed under administrative responsibilities of Secretary, Joint Secretary, Director General, Chief District Officer, Local Development Officer, etc for more than three decades; directed and managed district administration, maintained law and order, mobilized security agencies, supervised development programs, ensured service delivery and carried out administrative reforms.


Development Administration

  •  Developed plans, policies, programs and projects focusing on local level socio-economic development.
  • Actively contributed in human resource Management, finance, budget and training on management, gender development etc.
  • Reoriented the administration system towards service oriented, goal oriented and development focused.
  • Attempted to achieve the goals through mobilization of talents and expertise of bureaucrats.
  • Conservation Administration
  • Successful led the forestry sector administration on conservation and management of forest resources, bio-diversity and wildlife.
  • Provided strategic guidance on protect, restore and manage the forest resources.
  •  Sensitize and synergize the efforts government policy makers to place priority on the forestry sector.
  • Undertaken lead role in developing forest and biodiversity conservation related policies and strategies
  • Facilitated the forestry sector stakeholders in managing the conflicts on project and programs on the sector.


  •  Gained specialized experiences on immigration management, public and development administration and focused on government sector reforms
  • Worked closely on the issues relating to good governance and public responsibility.
  • Represented Government of Nepal in various international conferences and bilateral co-operation meetings.
  • Initiated various anti-corruption reforms and innovations in the country.
  • Promoted the adoption of a risk management approach for anti-corruption work.
  • Initiated various legal, policy, institutional, structural, procedural and system reforms concentrating to security institution, National and Internal Security.
  •  As Secretary, oversaw the strengthening of domestic and national security.


Employment Summary and Work Experiences

  • 2012-2013     Secretary, Ministry of Home
  • 2012-2012       Secretary, Ministry of Forests and Soil Conservation
  • 2009-2012       Secretary, Ministry of Defense, Kathmandu, Nepal
  • 2008-2009       Joint Secretary, Ministry of Home Affairs, Kathmandu       
  • 2006-2008       Director General, Department of Immigration, Kathmandu
  • 2005-2006       Chief District Officer, District Administration Office, Birgunj, Parsa         
  • 2002-2005       Director General, Department of Women Development, Kathmandu          
  • 2001-2002       Division Chief Ministry of Land Reform & Management, Kathmandu       
  • 2000-2001       Act. Director General, Department of Land Information and Archive, Kathmandu
  • 1998-2000       Under Secretary, Ministry of Land Reform and Management, Kathmandu
  • 1997-1998       Acting Chief District Officer, District Administration Office, Kathmand
  • 1996-1997       Under Secretary, Administration Reform Monitoring Committee, Kathmandu
  • 1995-1996       Under Secretary, Ministry of Home, Kathmandu
  • 1991-1995       Deputy Director, Department of Immigration, Kathmandu  
  • 1989-1991       Chief District Officer, District Administration Office, Udaypur and Palpa
  • 1984-1989       Local Development Officer, District Development Committee, Ilam, Morang,  and Udayapur
  • 1978-1984       Section Officer, Public Service Commission, Kathmandu & Pokhara.


  • Supraval Jan Sewa Shree


Participation in Training/Workshop/Seminars/Conferences



Seminar, Security Sector Management, USA. Organized by Asia Pacific Centre for Security studies, Hawaii.


Seminar/work-shop, Transnational Security issues/senior Executive course, USA, organized by Asia Pacific Centre SS For Security studies, Hawaii.


Seminar, Senior Crisis Management, USA, organized by American University, Washington DC.


Training, Senior Executive Training, Nepal & Thailand, organized by Nepal Administrative Staff College, Kathmandu, Nepal


Training. International Refugee law–2006, Italy, organized by International Institute of Humanitarian Law San Remo, Italy


Conference, Forty Ninth Session, USA, organized by Commission on the status of Women, UN


Meeting, Regional Meeting of National Machineries for Gender equality in Asia and Pacific: Towards a forward looking Agenda. South Korea, organized by ESCAP & Ministry of Gender Equality, South Korea.


Workshop, SAARC Regional Workshop on Trafficking, Nepal, organized by Ministry of Women, Children & Social Welfare, Kathmandu, Nepal


Seminar, Budgetary / Process, Nepal, organized by Ministry of Finance, Kathmandu, Nepal


Workshop cum Seminar, LIS Legislation Nepal, organized by Land Information System Project, Kathmandu, Nepal


Seminar, Logical Frame Work Approach in Planning, Nepal, organized by  National Planning Commission, Kathmandu, Nepal


Seminar, Landless People's Problem, Nepal, organized by Ministry of Land Reform and Management, Kathmandu, Nepal.


Workshop, Formulation of Action Plan relating Bonded Child Labour Nepal,organized   by Department of Land Reform and ILO, Kathmandu, Nepal


Training Cum Workshop, Negotiation Skills, Nepal, organized by Staff College, Lalitpur, Nepal


Training, Basic Computer Course/DBase III +, Nepal, organized by National Computer  Center, Kathmandu, Nepal


Regional Conferences, District Administration, Nepal, organized by Ministry of Home Affairs


National Conferences, Local Development, Nepal, organized by Ministry of Local Development, Kathmandu, Nepal


Workshop, Intercultural Management, Thailand, organized by GTZ (Germany)


Workshop, German Methods of Plan, Nepal, organized by GTZ (Germany) 1988 Training (8 Weeks), District Administration, Nepal, organized by Staff College, Lalitpur, Nepal


Seminar, Decentralized Process, Nepal, organized at Local Development Training Center, Kathmandu, Nepal


Training (6 Weeks), District Development Plan, Nepal, organized at Local Development Training Center, Kathmandu, Nepal


Training (5 Weeks), Personnel Administration. Nepal, organized by Public Service Commission, Kathmandu, Nepal


  • Armed Violence, (Honduras , 2013)
  • Forest management  (Finland 2012)
  • Civil Military Relations in conflict zones (Philippines, 2010) 
  • Organization structure of  Ministry of Defense (UK,2009)
  • Immigration Procedure of Germany (2007)
  • Welfare System of Japan (2004)
  • Land use planning and Urban Planning of France (2000)
  • Land use planning, Urban planning and Land Information System of Switzerland (2000)
  • Land Information System, Land Management, Mapping Technology, Cadastral System, Urban Planning and  Land use planning of Australia (2000)
  • Land Information System, Land Management, Survey and Mapping Technology and Cadastral System of  Malaysia (1998)
  • Immigration Working Procedures of Thailand (1993).

International Visits

  • Thirty One Countries

Participation in high level delegation

  • Meeting on Disaster Preparedness, Berlin, Germany(2013)
  • Meeting of the global platform of Disaster Response, Geneva, Switzerland(2013)
  • Nepal – India Home Secretary level meeting, Kathmandu, Nepal(2013)
  • SAARC level meeting of Home Ministers and Secretaries, Maldives  (2013)
  • Rio+20 International conference of Environment, Brazil (2012)
  • Nepal – India Home Secretary level meeting, New Delhi, India (2008)
  • Nepal – India Home Secretary level meeting, Kathmandu, Nepal (2007)
  • High Level Meetings on Border Management, New Delhi, India (2007)
  • Commission on the status of women, forty ninth sessions USA (2005)
  • Ministerial Joint Committee Meeting on Refugee Affairs, Thimpu, Bhutan (1995)
  • Nepal China Border Security Talks, Kathmandu (1995)
  • Ministerial Joint Committee meeting on Refugee Affairs, Kathmandu (1995)